Ramble Pictures provides comprehensive film production services.

From conception, to production, to delivery, Ramble helps to bring your ideas to life!

Commercial Advertising

Ramble Pictures provides full-scale production services such as producing, directing, cinematography, and editing.

Documentary Production

Business/Corporate profile videos and advertisements

B-roll and portrait interviews

Guerilla, vérité, and direct realism style production

Licensed Drone Operation & Aerial Photography

Ramble Pictures will acquire clearances for flight plans, if necessary.

Script Writing

Ramble Pictures writes scripts! Check out this example:

Teleprompter Production

With the Ikan 17” Teleprompter, reading your lines is easy. If you need a green screen or other backdrop for your teleprompter production, Ramble Pictures has it. Ramble can even provide remote connection via a Magewell Capture Converter, so you can run your teleprompter production from anywhere with WiFi connection.


Ramble Pictures provides video editing, sound editing, and color correction using the Adobe Premiere Pro Suite.

Other Production Services include: location scouting, permit acquisition, talent holding & coordination, as well as assistance with other production logistics.

List of Equipment

Sony FX9, Sony A7R V, Sony A7siii (all 4k)

Support & Grip:
Ozen Tripod, Manfrotto Tripod, Shape Shoulder Rigs for FX9/FS7/A7siii, Easy Rig Vario 5, Dana Dolly & 9ft rails, Matte Boxes, C-stands, arms, sandbags, diffusion, flags, etc.

Sigma Cine Prime (14mm T2, 28mm T1.5 F, 50mm T1.5), Sony G Master 24-70mm F2.8, G Series Telephoto (200mm - 600mm), 85mm T1.5, Telephoto converter x2

Sanken Cs - 1e Shotgun Mic, Sanken Lav Mic x2, Zoom H6 Recorder

Kino Flo Celeb 250 DMX LED (2), Kino Flo FreeStyle T44 DMX (2), Fiilex Q5 Cinematic RGBW Fresnel, Fiilex P360 LED Travel Kit

Ikan Teleprompter, DJI RS 2 Gimbal System, Accsoon wireless video transmission system, Magewell Capture Converter, Phantom 4 Pro Drone, DJI Avata with FPV Goggles V2, GoPro Bundle (HERO 11 Black, HERO 9 and HERO 7)